HELLO I'M Rosalie Adad and this is my story...
what I will tell you in the past an hour ago, since I married my current husband, I have always been a good and faithful wife, I married at 18 and he at 25, currently we have been in a relationship for with high and low, but during this last time he has left me aside, he says it is for work, but I have seen him talk with other women, although I have not dared to face him, however I have come to feel an attraction and uncontrollable desire for his youngest son, he is just 18 and is in the middle of college, so this year he will leave home, so it is my last chance to get rid of this desire that I have had with him in these last months,
It all started when I inadvertently saw him naked in the shower and I couldn't stop spying on him, I saw how that cock hung, my eyesight went away on its own, I couldn't take my eyes off his strong and manly body, I got so excited that I got all wet my panties, since then I masturbate at night fantasizing about cock in my pussy, I've had the idea of fucking him for a long time and just this week my husband left the country for a week for work, or that's what he tells me Him, but I don't care anymore, now I'll take my chance and go into my stepson's room so he can fuck me and make me his wife and his whore in bed